Outdoor Engagement Portrait Session with Emily & Joel in Jamestown, CO

I met Emily & Joel at their new home which they bought a little less than a year ago in the mountains just passed Jamestown.  They showed me around their property and the nearby community trails that wandered in and out of meadows with views of the mountain range off in the distance.


Their dog Parker tagged along with us, making a few guest appearances in the photographs.  It was so peaceful.  I’m so excited that these two found a house and piece of property that they can call their own.


It suits them completely.  Joel works as an arborist and Emily with an outdoor camp for kids.  They both love to be in the mountains, fishing, paddleboarding, etc.  So this was a great find for them.  We climbed an outcropping of rocks to take some images on top looking out over the mountains and trees behind their property.  They told me they sometimes have dinner up there.  I can see why, what an amazing place!


It was so cool to get a sneak peak into their lives and their home.  They got engaged on a fishing trip out by Crested Butte in their tear drop trailer that they made together.  So of course we had to take photos of them with the trailer!


They’re sorting out the finishing touches of their wedding which they’ve decided to do on their property.  Joel has done some beautiful woodwork, creating a table and some signs from a tree they fell from their land.  Emily finished the signs with a chalkboard paint and white chalk markers creating way finding messages so their family from out of town doesn’t get lost during the wedding.


Emily & Joel, I’m so excited to come back to your place soon to shoot your wedding!  It’s so fun to see what you two have created.  Your place is going to be beautifully transformed to celebrate with your friends and family.  Its so fitting for you two.  See you guys soon!





Light the Fire Series- Favorite Adventures: Backpacking the Devil’s Thumb Loop just outside of Nederland, Colorado

“We got to plan another trip”  we often say to each other, my husband Craig and I.  Its easy to get caught up in the monotony of day to day life spending time on things that are necessary but not of value to fuel our hearts and souls.  Something that’s always strengthened our love for life and each other, and kept the fire alive in our relationship has been adventures, big and small.  In this series I’d like to share with you some of my favorite adventures I’ve had with my husband over the past 10 years we’ve been together.  I encourage you to light the fire with your own relationships and make time for a new adventure whatever that might be and see where life takes you!


The second day of this trip was my favorite!  It was also the most difficult.  I could feel my heart pounding as we headed up about 1,000 feet in elevation gain in a quarter mile.  I stopped a few times to catch my breath  but was trying to move quickly because of the clouds on the horizon.


No one wants to get stuck in a thunderstorm while on a exposed ridge at 12,000 feet….but my body could only go so fast also.  A older man in his 70’s with his son passed us by going down on the trail.  I thanked him for the excuse to take a break while letting him pass.


As we got to the top of the ridge this day the trail steeply dropped off around us, with rock cliffs and beautiful views of mountains, lakes and trees fading off into the distance which seemed to go on forever.



I love that this is less than an hour from our house.  It blows my mind sometimes how beautiful Colorado is and all the wild places there are to explore.  This loop which is just outside of Nederland, Colorado was 14 miles.  We did it in a leisurely 3 days which was nice.  Since it was so close to civilization we could hear the sound of planes and helicopters as we fell asleep in our tent, which was such a weird juxtaposition.


As the sun started to go down on the second night Craig and I spent some time sitting on a rock checking out the view and just hanging out.  He shortly crashed and I stayed up a little longer.  As I sat quietly marmots jumped around the rocks calling to each other, a pica scurried out from a rock next to me with its mouse like ears and then quickly ran away after seeing me.


We ran into other hikers who had seen bears and moose but we didn’t run into any along our trip.  In some ways, that’s good.  We were being responsible in our food management and not inviting bears into our camp.  But they still would’ve been fun to see along the trail.  Well, I guess we’ll have to go back out again another time to search for wildlife.  Craig says I scare them off with my stampy feet, which is probably true ;).  We did run into a Rock ptarmigan.  Craig almost stepped on it.  They blend into their surrounding like a pro.  Its actually in the photo below, see if you can spot it…its totally like where’s Waldo 🙂


We had a great time on this trip and I’m so glad we made it a priority to get out and spend some time with one another.  I feel so blessed to have a man in my life that values nature, being outside and challenging adventures!

Marina Village Wedding with Amanda & Phil in San Diego, California

The ceremony for Amanda and Phil’s wedding at the Marina Village looked out into Mission Bay with a backdrop of sailboats and blue water in this iconic spot in San Diego, California.  As their officiant spoke, one part of the service stuck out to me.


He said Amanda and Phil had a sort of code with each other when one of them was having a bad day.  Something like 20/80, meaning I only have 20% to give today can you come the rest of the 80% for me?  I thought this was such a unique and cool way to communicate with each other.

Its so true that with partnerships some days one person leans on the other a little more and on other days the balance of the scale changes to reciprocate.


As I listened to their ceremony and watched the way they interacted with each other, honesty was definitely a value that was high on their list of importance.  I’m a huge fan of authenticity and this stuck with me as something pretty awesome.

Both of their fathers are musicians, this was a fun and unique part of the wedding.  Amanda’s dad played the saxophone while their guests mingled over cocktails and appetizers.  Later on Phil’s dad got on stage to sing with his band so Amanda and her father could have their dance together.


Phil even got up on stage to sing a song for his new wife.  He had a beautiful voice singing to Amanda as she smiled at him from across the room.  This family on both sides were very musically inclined and it was so cool to see those gifts as part of the reception.

Amanda and Phil, thanks for including me in your big day!  It was such an honor to get a glimpse into your lives and capture all the fun moments with your friends and family.  You two are wonderful together!  I wish you much love and happiness as you start this new chapter in your lives!





Outdoor Engagement Portrait Session with Jared and Cora at Marshal Mesa in Boulder, Colorado

It was a sunny summer morning when I met up with Jared and Cora for their outdoor engagement portrait session at the Marshall Mesa trail head in Boulder.  We started with some walking poses as the morning sun rose up in the sky behind them.


I ran into Jared a week or so before on a different trail while I was out on a prior engagement shoot.  Jared had just got engaged and wanted to capture the excitement of the moment.  I feel lucky that we ran into each other and that I was able to capture photos of their love story on this morning.

Jared and Cora had just moved to Boulder from Florida.  I made a comment about the morning being pretty hot and Jared told me that was part of his plan.  He wanted to get Cora out to Colorado in the summer where she could get used to the state while it was still warm and then slowly have her acclimate to the weather as fall and winter crept in.


They both seemed to be enjoying their new home very much.  We talked about fun places to go exploring around the area, for camping and hiking with their pup Beefcake.  So far Jared’s plan was working great!


They met online.  Jared shared that she stood out to him like a bohemian princess.  Sparks flew and one night in a historical district in Florida, St Augustine, Jared popped the question.


They were so sweet with each other.  I snapped the shutter as they snuggled with one another.  I love it when I bring home images to edit and can’t help but smile because the photos have an energy and tenderness to them.  That’s totally how I felt after this portrait session.


Jared and Cora, thanks for sharing your lives and your love story with me.  I feel honored to be able to capture this one in a lifetime moment for you two.  I hope as the year goes on and things get colder you both continue to enjoy your time here in Colorado.  Much love to you two and congratulations!



Outdoor Engagement Portrait Session in Boulder with Cat and Eric

We laughed a lot during this outdoor engagement portrait session in Boulder with Cat and Eric.  Cat braved “off roading” on uneven ground with high heels next to a creek.  No one was harmed in the making of these photographs ;), no one fell into the water either.  Eric was a gentleman and made sure she was on solid ground and had a good partner to hold onto.


They shared the story of how they met.  Their story is one of the most unlikely situations I’ve heard of bringing two people together.  The thing that sparked interest in each other was the love for a webcomic called Questionable Content.



Due to a few a few comments and retweets around this webcomic they found themselves following each other on twitter.  They followed each other for two years while they were in different countries, Cat in Canada and Eric in the US.


After two years and many hilarious tweets between the two of them they found that they had a crush on each other and wanted to meet in real life, so they did.  They stayed friends for a while and then a year or so later ended up moving to the same city, Boulder Colorado.


During the 2017 solar eclipse Eric got down on one knee and proposed with the words “since we’re doing once-in-a-lifetime things today…” and the rest is history.


These two were adorable together.  They couldn’t stop laughing at one another.  Eric would make crazy eyes to his lady cracking her up and then they both would start laughing.  The joy between them was so fun to see and be part of.


Cat and Eric, thanks for including me in this celebration of a fun life changing moment.  Its such an exciting time and I’m so glad that I was able to document it for you two.  I’m excited to share in taking more photographs for your wedding in December and share in your story of 7 years in the making with travels, webcomic fandom, moves and now starting a new life in Boulder!


Outdoor Engagement Portrait Session with Celina & Aaron in South Boulder

I had the pleasure of capturing the magic and excitement of Celina & Aaron’s engagement during a recent outdoor portrait session with this adorable couple in South Boulder.  Celina said yes to Aaron in front of the Cinderella castle during a trip to Disneyworld in Florida earlier this year.


Growing up as kids Celina went often to Disneyland with her family.  It was something that was a big part of their lives.  They all found a lot of joy and magic on their trips there.  Later on when she met Aaron, Celina was able to take him for the first time to Disneyland and it became a big part of the two of their lives as well.


So it was fitting that Aaron decided to propose there.  The whole family was in on it.  Celina told me she got irritated with her family as they told her they were going to crash her vacation and join her and Aaron in Florida.  She didn’t understand why everyone wanted to come with them, but that became clear after Aaron popped the question.


We walked through the South Mesa trail in Boulder surrounded by the beauty of the Flatirons as we took photos.  They brought along their dog Kylo Ren who was a perfect little gentleman.  Celina’s sister was kind enough to join us and help with pup sitting when he wasn’t in portraits.  Celina tried to tell me Aaron was the messiest between the two of them, but she was later overruled by her sister and Aaron.  We joked around as we walked and got to know each other better.


The possibility of thunderstorms was in the forecast for this day.  So we pushed back the shoot just a bit to give the storm time to blow through and it worked.  Colorado weather is so sporadic.  We were blessed with clouds and sun in the late afternoon which was perfect.  The late afternoon light wrapped softly around Celina and Aaron making for some beautiful images.


Celina and Aaron, I’m so excited for you guys!!  It was a pleasure to spend the little time we did together.  You two are adorable together.  It was fun to hear about your favorite foods, get to know you a little more, and capture the love between you two!  Thanks for entrusting me to capture this moment in your lives.



Denver City Park Pavilion Wedding with Charles & Alison

Sounds of laughter and mingling filled the reception area as friends and family gathered in the Denver City Park Pavilion to celebrate the wedding of Charles & Alison.  Clink clink clink, sounded through the pavilion as silverware clanked against glass to get everyone’s attention.  One of Charles’s groomsmen stood up to start things off.


The wedding had a very casual atmosphere.  No specific toasts were planned, but so many people stood up to talk about Charles and Alison.  On both sides friends & family shared how much they loved and respected these two and how happy they were for them, including brothers, friends from college, and grandparents.


As the reception continued on people spread out around the venue.  Just outside the covered area of the pavilion there was a wide open grassy area that looked out over the lake.  A couple of the flower girls ran back and forth across the green with Charles and Alison’s two dogs who happily chased each other and the children.


The sky was blue and the weather was clear.  I walked with Charles and Alison through the park under old beautiful trees that arched over the walkway making for a lovely green frame around the two of them.  Their life was about to change pretty drastically in the coming weeks.  Charles got an offer for a professorship on the east coast which he accepted.  Right after the wedding they were making the move from Arizona.  A lot of exciting changes this summer!


Charles & Alison, thanks for entrusting me to capture your big day.  I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of your celebration.  You two were so sweet and easy going.  I hope you enjoyed your trip to Colorado.  Have a wonderful time getting settled into your new home on the east coast.  I wish you much happiness as you start this new chapter in your lives!